Who are we?

We are a leading manufacturer of electronic packaging products and accessories. We design, manufacture and integrate a wide range of packaging products including carts, cases, drawers, racks, tables and other laboratory accessories.

Why Zivud Yaron?

Personal service and unique solutions

Flexible delivery times and competitive prices

Professional accompaniment according to regulation ISO 9001:2015

Company representation in the USA - import of unique packaging products and accessories.

Professional Services & Solutions

Tin welding of various packaging products

Planning & Electronic Packaging Production


Wiring & Planning Services

Electro-Mechanical Post Services

Accurate Coating &
Painting Services

Screen Printing Services / panto-graph

Milling & Engraving Services

Product Gallery

Our team of engineers and technicians combine their expertise and their vast experience

 to present you with a variety of innovative solutions.

We provide custom designed products to fit your needs exactly.


Wide range of drawers (including 19″) built according to European and American regulation. Can be coated, painted, and wired.


Wide range of cabinets and racks made from aluminum and stainless steel that include a variety of accessories.


Personalized carts made per order and according to regulation. One or more shelves for assemble.


Control tables in special design according to customers requests and personalized order. Computer equipment, a printer, and other equipment can be combined. Tables come with or without wheels and drawers.


Wide range of manufactured packaging and wiring solutions 


Hard shell carries with or without cushioned interior  lining, including shock absorbers. Comes with fitted handles. 

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